Sharing is Caring.

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I was doing some research on my presentation for class last week when I realise that, there’s something similar among most social networking sites that makes them viral. It’s that sharing factor.

Yes, that little Share link you see on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and anywhere else. I guess the main factor about most social media sites is the share factor. I mean, if you have a new product you want people to know about and you go on social media sites to try to promote it, people will not know about it unless they share it with their friends. This is probably why games on Facebook want you to invite friends to play all the time.

Most companies are probably aiming for that. Like a company creates a Twitter account to give updates on their offers or just give silly facts about themselves, only their followers would know what it is. But to reach out to more people like their followers’ followers, then they would have to retweet in order for people to know.

As for us consumers, if you really like that Hershey’s bar you’re chewing on right now in front of the computer, why not tweet about it. Share with your friends what you like to buy. Don’t see it as a marketing ploy, it’s basically just sharing.


All about moving forward.

So last Thursday, I managed to watch Minority Report in my NCT (New Communication Technologies) class as it’s part of our lesson. Somehow I keep mixing The Bourne Identity with Minority Report somehow and thought Matt Damon was acting in it and got excited, until I realise it was Tom Cruise…

But that’s beside the point.

The movie was great and I know it’s a pretty old one, this is regrettably the first time I’ve ever watched it. Yes, I don’t have a knack for action, conspiratorial movies, I much rather like comedies and chick flicks. Again beside the point.

The amount of technology that they used and was created in the movie struck me with awe. It was amazing. Seriously. Like you don’t see a trio of clairvoyant people going around telling you you’re going to die in 10 days or you see an LCD screen just magically appear in front of your very eyes. Yes, I was entranced.

And then, that got me thinking. Technology has come so far from type writers to computers to laptops and possibly in the future holographic monitors. It reminded me of that time I came across a very interesting concept phone by Mozilla called the Mozilla Seabird.

Besides the slick outer surface of the phone, the amount of creativity and conceptualisation is seriously astounding. I have to say, it takes a lot to come up with such things. Then again, sometimes it takes as little as a grain of inspiration.

Another one I found inspiring would be the Future of Books concept by IDEO.

This concept seriously kicks some IPad’s butt.

So what I’m trying to say here is that, all these advances in technology and creativity would never happen unless you act on it. Seriously, get your butt off your computer chair and start sketching, inventing, taking bits and pieces of things you find in the trash bin and put that concept into reality. You will never know what you created could help lots of people.

As for me, maybe I’ll try to do things a bit at a time. Considering my short attention span and several other negative points of a student.

Well hello there.

A new wordpress = a new beginning.

I’m Sean from Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Media and Communications (It’s a mouthful isn’t it) And I had a wordpress previously for my school’s design class.

But right now, this will be something more relevant to my #nctsp stuff. But Yes I do intend to use this blogs for other things you will find out soon.

’till next time. Au revoir.