Sharing is Caring.

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I was doing some research on my presentation for class last week when I realise that, there’s something similar among most social networking sites that makes them viral. It’s that sharing factor.

Yes, that little Share link you see on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and anywhere else. I guess the main factor about most social media sites is the share factor. I mean, if you have a new product you want people to know about and you go on social media sites to try to promote it, people will not know about it unless they share it with their friends. This is probably why games on Facebook want you to invite friends to play all the time.

Most companies are probably aiming for that. Like a company creates a Twitter account to give updates on their offers or just give silly facts about themselves, only their followers would know what it is. But to reach out to more people like their followers’ followers, then they would have to retweet in order for people to know.

As for us consumers, if you really like that Hershey’s bar you’re chewing on right now in front of the computer, why not tweet about it. Share with your friends what you like to buy. Don’t see it as a marketing ploy, it’s basically just sharing.


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